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Reasons Your Gums Need to Remain Moist

Posted on 11/15/2019 by Louis McDonald, D.D.S.
Reasons Your Gums Need to Remain MoistThe gums are just as important as the teeth are in anyone's mouth. Neglecting the gums is as bad, if not worse, than neglecting the teeth in the mouth.

Having healthier teeth and gums is something so many strive for, but sometimes, when the gums are having issues; it is best to speak with our office about the help we can provide.

One of the biggest issues that we are called about is dry gums. Just like with dry teeth and a dry mouth, you need to keep the gums just as moist as the rest of the mouth. Here's why.

Moisture in the Mouth, Including the Gums

The gums in the mouth are important to have because this is what holds the teeth in place, and it provides the mouth with the look that it has when you smile. The gums in the mouth need to remain moist so that they do not hold bacteria on the outside of the area. This can cause a problem in the mouth because this gets in between the teeth and it causes decay to form.

When the mouth is moist, it reduces the number of bacteria that is found in these areas. This produces more saliva, which helps move the bad bacteria and produces good bacteria in the mouth. Saliva production is important to protect the gums and teeth in the mouth. When the mouth is dry, it doesn't produce saliva enough to protect the inside of the mouth.

Speak with us today regarding the moisture in the mouth we can help you with. Smile with confidence and know that the moisture in the mouth is something that is going to help you maintain a healthier mouth overall. If you're experiencing any issues with your dental health, always give us a call so we can schedule a time to have you come in.


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