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We Can Often Stop Loose Adult Teeth from Falling Out if You Come In Early Enough

Posted on 12/30/2019 by Louis McDonald, D.D.S.
We Can Often Stop Loose Adult Teeth from Falling Out if You Come In Early EnoughWhen we are young children, it's quite common to lose teeth as long as it's only our “baby teeth.” If you are an adult and notice you are suffering from a loose tooth, or one of your children has a loose adult tooth, professional dental care may be needed to prevent it from falling out.

Bringing Plaque and Tarter Under Control

The first step in a two-step process for your loose teeth is to ensure that we get the bacteria and acid under control. Gum disease usually starts affecting gums yet, over time, it can cause the teeth to become loose. The first step in saving your teeth is by performing a procedure called a scale and plane. This is where certain tools are used to get down below the gum line, scraping out all the plaque and tartar that has developed. Once this is all removed, the next step is to reinforce your tooth.

Splinting Teeth Together

Once the cleaning procedures have all been completed to rid your mouth of the bacteria causing them to be loose, we can move to the second step of splinting your loose teeth. There are different methods to splinting your teeth together. The basic concept to secure your teeth is to join the loose teeth together using stable teeth, just like pickets in a fence.

Another way is to use bonding material, it is to bond splinting material across the back surfaces of the involved teeth. Another way is to drill in a small channel horizontally across the teeth. Then, bending and inserting a rigid strip of metal to splint the teeth in place. Once it's bonded, it renders them solid again.

The most important lesson to learn from this information is to contact us at the first signs of a loose tooth. The sooner we catch the gum disease, the more we can avoid losing any teeth. Call us today to schedule an appointment, we are here to assist in your oral health needs.


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