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Dental Veneers
Houston, TX

Rendering of a jaw with a porcelain veneer on a tooth at Kevin Nail, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston, TXHere at Kevin Nail, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are more than happy to give you an amazing look using dental veneers. Despite being a bit pricey, dental veneers are worth every penny you spend on them. Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain, which bonds permanently on your tooth masking its shape, color, and positioning in the mouth. It is important that you know exactly why you should go for this option over other less expensive solutions for an amazing smile.

Reasons for Choosing Veneers

The number one reason why you should go for veneers is because of aesthetics. Representing one of the best processes for treating different dental malaises, porcelain veneers will come in handy in correcting spaced between your teeth, stained teeth, or crooked teeth, giving you a complete transformation. With veneers, you can improve cracked, broken, discolored, slightly misaligned, chipped, and widely spaced teeth. Strength and durability make this procedure a perfect choice as veneers are made out of durable and strong porcelain giving you a bright and healthy look, while also allowing you to enjoy all your favorite meals without worrying. Since they are made using high-tech inventions by our specialists, veneers will give you a natural look as they match your natural teeth. Handcrafted veneers will fit perfectly into your dental structure.

In just two visits to our office, our team of professionals can complete the veneers procedure, making it one of the quickest and simplest dental procedures. The procedure saves you time compared to most corrective dental procedures that take too long to complete. With this procedure, you leave our office ready to pick up from where you left your daily activities. No recovery time is necessary, and the procedure does not cause you any discomfort or pain. Veneers are also resistant to staining. With dental veneers, you will continue enjoying coffee, tea, and other foods which are prone to staining your natural teeth while maintaining your bright pearly smile. Dental veneers give you that extra confidence to grin and smile with an improved appearance that leads to a quality life.

The Procedure for Placing Dental Veneers

When you visit our office, our team of professionals will solve your problem in one to two trips where one trip will be for consultation and the other two trips for applying veneers. Your active participation will be necessary during the diagnosis process and treatment planning as our professionals examine your teeth to confirm the appropriateness of veneers for you. Our professionals may need to take x-rays and make impressions of your teeth.

The preparation of your tooth from veneers will involve our experts removing approximately half a millimeter of enamel from the surface of the tooth. The enamel will then be trimmed using a local anesthetic. The impression made of your tooth will be taken to the dental lab to construct your veneer. Our professionals apply a special cement to the veneer for bonding purposes, and a special light beam activates chemicals in the cement to curve and harden quickly.

For more information about veneers, or other cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and dental implants, call the experienced professionals here at Kevin Nail, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at (281) 550-9054 today!


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At Kevin Nail DDS, we are more than happy to give you an amazing look with brand new dental veneers. Click here to learn more and give us a call today!
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