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Oral Cancer Screenings
Houston, TX

Red ribbon for bringing awareness to oral cancer at Kevin Nail, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston, TXThe professionals at Kevin Nail, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry perform an oral cancer screening, which is a physical and visual examination of a patient’s oral cavity, as well as the connected tissues. Most of the procedures that we perform at our office assure our patients that there is no impending problem, or allow them to start early treatment in case we diagnose a problem.

When you visit our office, our experts may recommend a screening, especially after they have had a chance to evaluate your lifestyle. Other patients request for an oral cancer screening as a proactive measure.

Who Are The Right Candidates For Oral Cancer Screening?

Everyone is at risk of oral cancer, but certain people are at a higher risk. Some of the people who are at an increased risk of oral cancer include tobacco users, including cigarettes, pipes, cigars, snuff, and chewing tobacco. Also, people who drink a lot of alcohol, and those with a past oral cancer diagnosis, are at greater risk of oral cancer. People with a history of significant exposure to the sun are also strong candidates due to the risk of getting associated lip cancer.

When you get the opportunity to visit our offices for an oral examination, feel free to ask any of our team if you need an oral cancer screening. Besides, you can also ask about how you can reduce the chances for oral cancer. Generally, an oral cancer screening is undertaken in two steps.

Visual Examination

Your face, lips, neck, oral cavity, and the inside of your nose are the major parts that our dentists concentrate on during an oral cancer screening. Before we start the screening process, we always advise our patient to remove all the removable dental appliances, so that our experts can have good access to each area.

The screening process can happen when lying down or sitting upright, and our dentists usually lookout for swellings, asymmetries, bumps, ulcerations, color patches, as well as other abnormalities. Using a special light and mirror, our dentist will inspect the inside of your mouth and nose. This allows for a clear look of the inside of your mouth and nose. A tongue depressor is also used to hold down your tongue, and this allows our dentists to see the back of your mouth.

Our experts might ask you to say specific phrases like “Ahh,” which helps in exposing certain areas in your throat, which are a bit hard to see. Do not be surprised when you see our dentists using other tools as they evaluate your inner cheeks, gums, roof of your mouth, throat, underneath of your tongue, and tonsils.

Physical Examination

During or after the visual examination, our dentist also touches your cheeks, head, under your chin, around the jaw area, as well as your oral cavity to check for unusual masses and nodules. One sign of a possible problem is rigidity in a tissue that is ordinarily mobile. Our dentist might ask you whether you are feeling any pain once he or she touches the tissue. Although the symptoms of oral cancer tend to be painful, painless swellings can be an indication of underlying problems.

Oral cancer screening is very important. To find out more about this diagnosis and schedule an appointment, contact our experts here at Kevin Nail, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at (281) 550-9054 today.


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At Kevin Nail DDS, we can perform an oral cancer screening as part of your regular exam in order to catch signs of cancer early. Click here to learn more!
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