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Porcelain Dental Crowns
Houston, TX

Rendering of a jaw with a porcelain dental crown from Kevin Nail, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston, TXA dental crown, sometimes called a cap, is a protective layer that we can encase a natural tooth in after it has been damaged, weakened or broken. Our team at Kevin Nail, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offer the very best in aesthetic and durable restorations. This includes porcelain crowns.

Today, porcelain has become the preferred material for most patients. It is stronger and more durable than traditional materials, while being cosmetically ideal. Additionally, porcelain can be both textured and shaped matching the look of natural enamel. Patients find it visually appealing because porcelain has the same light-scattering properties as natural enamel, meaning it looks natural in your mouth. We are happy to review and examine your teeth and offer our opinion if porcelain is the right option for you.

A porcelain crown is typically thought to provide strength to a single tooth, but today, we can do so much more. We can restore missing teeth using a dental bridge which includes dental crowns, we can restore a missing tooth by rebuilding the foundation with a dental implant, or we can cover smaller portions of a tooth using a ¾ crown or the face of a tooth using the same porcelain material called a veneer. With so many options, we can help you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a customized cap that provides a layer of added strength while rebuilding its size and shape. With a dental crown we can restore the natural tooth to its original function.

A dental crown is recommended when a tooth has been compromised due to:
•  Decay: Crowns can become necessary when the enamel structure has suffered severe erosion due to decay causing bacteria. Decayed teeth can cause enamel loss, fracture and breakage in teeth. To restore the tooth to its original shape and function, a crown can be very effective.
•  Impact Injury: Impact injuries can adversely affect teeth creating cracks and fractures. Cracks, even tiny ones, creates a space in teeth for bacteria to thrive undisturbed, leaving you open to infection, decay and pain. Crowns can greatly improve the health of the tooth by covering and protecting the tooth.
•  Weakened: A tooth can be weakened from root canal therapy,
a large cavity from decay, or more. A weak tooth can mean weakened enamel, leaving it more susceptible to breakage. Crowns greatly reduce the likelihood of fracture.
•  Poor Aesthetics: For visual purposes, the placement of a dental crown can be ideal. They can improve shape, coloring, help teeth appear straighter and healthier. A porcelain crown can help bring back a beautiful smile.

Other Porcelain Crown Uses

Dental Bridges

We often discuss crowns and bridges as two separate categories, but a dental bridge is commonly constructed with two crowns as anchors and a false tooth between. To anchor the bridge, we cover a healthy tooth or dental implant with the device on each side.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium rod that we surgically insert into the jawbone to serve as a new root when restoring a missing tooth. Though it sounds extreme, the process is simple and minimally invasive. Once the rod has bonded to the bone, we can then place a customized dental crown over the implant, fully restoring the tooth without impacting neighboring teeth.

Partial Crown

A partial crown, also known as an inlay, onlay or ¾ crown, is different in that it does not entirely encase the tooth like a standard crown, but is customized to fit the broken or missing portion of a tooth. It can be customized to rest inside a tooth or lay over a section of a tooth. This adds a layer of protection to the tooth.


A dental veneer is also a type of crown; it is a thin porcelain layer that can be bonded to the face of your most visible teeth to alter their appearance. With veneers we can make a tooth wider to close gaps, or thinner to be proportional, even shorter or longer to match neighboring teeth. Most patients like them because they can make teeth look cleaner and brighter.

Learn More About Dental Crowns:

When having a piece customized, most often it is done over two appointments, the consultation and preparation which is later followed by the application. Dental implants may require more steps. We invite you to learn more about porcelain crowns, bridges, implants and veneers. We can help improve your look and function, giving you a reason to smile.


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