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Tooth Extractions
Houston, TX

Woman holding her cheek due to a tooth that needs an extraction at McDonald Dental in Houston, TXOur team of experienced professionals here at McDonald Dental serve many patients who require an extraction, sometimes called a tooth pulling, for one or more teeth. Extractions are necessary in cases where the tooth is too decayed or damaged to be repaired with a crown or filling.

When the tooth becomes damaged in this way, patients can often experience severe pain. Wisdom teeth that are impacted sometimes must be extracted as well. The extraction process involves separating the root of the tooth from the alveolar bone, the connecting bone in the mouth. Extractions are straightforward procedures that our dentists perform safely and quickly. Numbing agents help prevent pain.

How Do I Know If I Need An Extraction?

If you are experiencing tooth pain, sensitivity, bleeding, or other issues, please make an appointment to visit our clinic. Our dentists will examine your teeth, taking x-rays as necessary. To decide whether your tooth must be extracted, our dentists will assess whether the tooth can be saved with another procedure. If it cannot, our dentists may recommend extraction.

A combination of imaging technology and the experience of our dentists will determine the extent of damage to the tooth. Because damaged or decayed teeth are frequently painful, we may extract your tooth during your initial visit if you wish.

How is the Extraction Procedure Performed?

Anesthesia, the medical term for numbing, is the first step. We will numb the area around the affected tooth. The most common method of anesthesia for extraction procedures is an injection into the gums near the tooth that will be extracted. You can expect one side of your mouth to lose feeling completely. Then, with the help of the right dental instrument, our dentists carefully and painlessly remove the tooth.

There are two types of extractions: simple and surgical. A simple extraction involves the use of forceps, dental tools which grip the tooth, separate it from the ligament connecting it to the jaw, and slowly remove it. This is one of the most common dental practices historically, and one of the primary skills taught in dental school.

In more complicated cases where the tooth is broken under the gum or has not yet emerged above the gumline, your teeth must be removed surgically. A small incision is made on the gums and the pieces of the tooth underneath are removed.

We understand that some patients can be nervous about visiting the dentist. We will take the time to discuss all details of your tooth extraction before beginning work. We will review your medical history to make sure the procedure can be performed safely and successfully. We make special accommodations for our patients with heart disease, blood disorders, or impaired immune systems. Your dental health and safety is our priority.

We are on hand to discuss tooth extraction with you. To learn more information about our extraction services or to schedule an appointment, contact McDonald Dental at (346) 250-3575. Our friendly, professional staff will guide you through the process if you think you would like a tooth extracted or other dental care.

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